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Default Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
You guys know if I can do a free trial type deal to try it out before paying up? I haven't been paying attention to SWTOR last couple months. Is it way better than let's say WOW?
I've played WoW since the 1st few patches. It's similar but all MMO's will be. The part where it differs is the questing. Even if they are still fetch quest or kill X amount of X like WoW, there's an actual story too it. It's actually fun to listen to the fully voiced dialogue and make your own logical decision on how to respond.
The companions are a nice touch so you don't have to rely on other terrible people while questing but there's a good incentive to do so if you really want.

The only negative I really have so far (through about 25 levels on like 4 characters) is that the UI needs a lot of work. Not enough action bar space and I don't think I noticed any macro system. I also don't like the raid frame and party frames all that much. But Bioware says they will allow (won't let me say add on? lol) support so that will be fixed soon. It's not a deal breaker anyway, just annoying. Also the Galactic Trade Market (Auction House) is kind of crappy. You can't really search for something straight up, you have to browse through what type of item it is, what its for, etc. Just a minor nuisance that will probably be fixed eventually.

All in all it's been well worth it and I don't feel the need to rush through the questing because the story is so enjoyable. Definitely recommend it.

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