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Default Re: Dont you hate it when...

Originally Posted by 305Baller
Scrubs think they are better than you on the court and refuse to pass you the ball?

Or instead of swinging it they decide that you are not a good player and freeze you out?

I hate streetball because it is an ego driven game.

I guess the rec league is the same thing but damn it I wish I could play with players that know how to be in a fluid offense where everyone makes the game easier for each other and support each other.

This ego thing... I may as well ballhog.

This only happens when I go to new courts or against a bunch of new guys. They don't pass till they see you do something. Always gotta earn the respect of your teammates. I've played with guys who never passed to begin with but by the end of our runs they would be giving me the ball every possession.

But I usually go to the courts with my buddies so it doesn't happen anymore.
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