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Default Re: Friend of mine died last night in the war.

I can relate. I saw a lot of good KIDS go down in the name of their country during my tours over there in the Middle East. I emphasize KIDS because that's who is dying over there. I'm in the Air Force and I'm a Senior Command Post Controller. Our life expectancy over during an all out war is of about 40 seconds or so. I have a brother a year younger than me and he is always being sent over there since he's a Tech Sergeant in the Security Force Squadron of my base. He does alot of prisoner escorts to various bases around the Middle East. He voluteers alot for it because the money is good, he says. I tell him to watch his back and be extremely careful. I feel for you man. I've had close friends that have served with me go down.

I can accept that this war is being fought out of spite and not for a reason worth fighting. Remember that we get sent over there, it's not our choice. This war is ludacris and pointless. Support our troops and remember them. My prayers and best wishes go to you and your friends daughter.
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