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Originally Posted by RocketsFanatic
I think we should take Mike James back, i am really pissed that we traded Rudy Gay to the grizzlies for Shane Battier, but then when i heard we also gave them Swift i was really anoyed. I think we should try to get a rookie that didnt get drafted like darius Washington Jr., or Mike Gansey. I think we should trade Juwan Howard for anyone young that can play, maybe to memphis for Hakim Warrick. This would be a good starting linup next year.....

PG- Bob Sura/ Rafer Alston/ Darius Wahington
SG- Miek James/ Luther Head
SF- Tracy McGrady/Steve Novak
PF- Shane Battier/Hakim Warrick
C- Yao Ming/Mutumbo

For a fanatic you seem a little bit out of touch with what exactly is going on with this team and its players. Let me explain...

- Battier is not a PF. He can play there in SHORT stretches against a select FEW of the league's PF's. No way in hell is he starting.

- Memphis won't take Juwan Howard for Hakim Warrick. First of all, if Jerry West wanted Juwan, he would have taken him and not Stromile. Secondly, the contracts don't match up.

- Mike James and Luther Head would be the smallest (and still one of the worst) SG rotations in the league. No way in hell we win with that.

- There is an overwhelming possibility that Bob Sura is, never step foot on the court again kind of DONE. They had a workout scheduled for him recently to see where he was health-wise, and it was cancelled because he couldn't even participate in it. IF he plays, he's not starting. Period.

- If we go with Mutombo as the ONLY backup at center, we are guaranteeing a second round exit at BEST. Not a chance in hell you get through the season and playoffs with depth that's thinner than those little sheets of paper they put in graduation and wedding invitations.
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