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Default Re: What stats would T-Mac and Vince be putting up if they got 20-25 shots a game?

Originally Posted by knickballer
I don't think T-Mac can play for more than 25mpg.. When he was on the Knicks(2 years ago) he had absolutely no vertical anymore and was always injured. He simply doesn't have the motivation/work ethic to work through his old age to still be a good NBA player.

Said like someone who hasn't watched T-Mac since his Knicks days cause he played decent in Detroit and you can see he had some extra incentiveto play well against his former Rockets team, too.

I think he's trying to still fit in w/ the Hawks but the funny thing is is that his Bball IQ is way ahead of those guys, he tries to direct them where to be during plays and it's funny how the Hawks have just gotten over on athleticism cause watching them play you can really see they aren't that bright.

"Iso Joe", Horford's strength, and Josh Smith's help d have carried that team a ways.

To answer the op Tracy could score 25 pts/ game but VC can't.
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