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I dont think anybody else but kobe would have the guts to stand up and still be the one of the best players ever after that rape trial. this guy is awseome!!!

Like I already said, Kobe haters are fukkin idiots. I can't fukkin stand them. Stupid idiots.

People will always try to bring down celebrities.

Noone will ever be as good as Kobe. no one will have the same passion for the game, for his hard work put into the offseason.

Kobe is a top player in one of the NBA's greatest players to ever play the game.

He makes money...he won championships....he has a great family (good bed buddy)

why wouldnt anyone hate him? they are jealous at his major succes

Kobe haters are idiots.

after what i've seen... i can conclude that i'm an idiot... because i do hate Kobe and STFU Kobe, i hate RAPISTS!!!!

and that's the bottomline...

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