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Default Lamar Odom

is my favorite player. VERY hard to see him go. Especially to the Mavs.

Now, with that said, I have always felt that he was really limited in LA, given his role and the group of guys he was playing with and for (Kobe, Phil).
Not to say they were a direct reason why, but the role that phil had for lamar, and kobe being kobe, would really limit lamar as he tried to adapt to everyone else game.

Now, whats going on with lamar? Ive seen about two maverick games and I've been looking at box score's. Why is lamar, playing the way he's been playing?
Is he not fitting in with the group of players? coaching style? out of shape? What is it?

To be honest, I've always felt that lamar odom when playing his best is fully capable of putting up 17/12/5 on 55% shooting, EASY. It's in his nature. I think he can run the offense, he can play the 3,4,5(Not against all 5's).

Trust me, you guys will love lamar if you love a hard player who gives it his all, EVERY GAME.
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