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Default Re: Rubio calls the NBA "a lot easier"

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Not really a fan of Rudy but within 4 games I can already tell why he's not flourishing. He's just not doing well with reduced roles. I'd guess that over in Europe he had a bigger role and that's why he succeeded so much. Over in the NBA teams aren't obviously going to give him that type of role because his talent doesn't really dictate it. Thus he get's relegated to being a spot up shooter.

The few possessions that he gets\attempts to showcase his game he's doesn't suck at all. Can make plays for others, make plays off the dribble. Just generally used at a spot up guy.

Considering his usage\shot attempts\minutes? He's basically your average role player off the bench.
Totally agree. He's a crybaby that doesn't realize he needs to adapt.
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