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Default Re: Dont you hate it when...

I don't come across this too often these days, but there's always folks like that who exist. To be totally truthful, I sort of like when a player initially thinks I am not very skilled. Often it's the players who show up in tandems or groups that are showcasing that initial disrespect. I love overconfidence and I like displaced confidence even more. Yes, I love competition, but there's also something to be said about putting poorly skilled, overconfident players in their place.

If there's a guy who thinks he's going to come in and absolutely run the court, I'll even sort of chill out on my warm-ups a little bit so I appear to be even more unassuming and unskilled. And to be clear, I'm not a DI talent or anything, but I'm solid enough that I've been able to give a lot of overconfident scrubs a reality check real quick. And man, if I get a dunk early on. . .very satisfying to watch the tables turn.

On the other hand, when that person is my teammate, it's not quite as easy to break through. Often, if I'm not seeing the ball in the half-court, I try to remind myself of all the other options I have for getting the rock in my hands. A lot of times, it's just a matter of recommitting to the glass, offensively and defensively. Snagging a defensive board and initiating a break is totally in my control. Standing on the perimeter and hoping the ball is swung my way by a guy with a low basketball I.Q. is not. So I just try to do what I control. But yes, that doesn't mean those moments aren't frustrating.

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