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Default Re: New Jersey Nets 2011-12 Post game thread

times suck and hump's shoulder is sprained, but articles like this make me very, very happy to be a nets fan and not a knicks fan:
Knicks didn't have to be this thin:

With a five-point loss to visiting Toronto, the Knicks slipped back below .500. Their bench is a patchwork of rookies, aging veterans and marginal players. The drop-off in talent after the Big Three is enormous. This is the quandary the Knicks created for themselves when they shipped four starters to Denver for Carmelo Anthony last February. ... Had Anthony simply waited a bit, he could have joined a lineup with the capable Raymond Felton at point guard and Danilo Gallinari as a versatile sixth man. The Knicks would have lost Wilson Chandler to free agency, but they could have kept Timofey Mozgov and their 2014 first-round pick. The roster would have been deeper, more balanced. Or the Knicks might have parlayed those assets into Chris Paul.
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