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Originally Posted by Lakerfan
Hate Rapists? Where you there in the room? No! Hell the man even confessed to cheating around with other women WHEN HE DIDN'T HAVE TO! He's not American because an american would have told the cops anything but the truth or cooperate. But some silly Europeans actually trust our police.

Anyways, Shaq didn't bring anything to Wade. The real thing he brought was the ability for Miami to make trades while Lakers are in cap hell. The trade should have been for D wade and Lamar but Mitch bowed down to Shaq's requests because of the 3 rings he helped bring.

When all is said and done no1 will be as good as Jordan. Especially with these crappy girly man rules. I demand 90's basketball to return. I want fights, trash talking and Dikembe waving his finger when he blocks shots. Not a manufactured league were every other SG has 40 points. NBA should change to WWE NBA.

That last quote was in respone to wally's.

Lakers shouldn't entertain a Odom trade unless ya get an elite player. The Artest trade was the only that made sense because Artest is elite on both ends of the court. And Odom's contract would be off the books as well as Croshere. He would ve been tossed in with the deal.

They just need depth and good drafting. And no more signing players who are 1 or 2 years from retiring. What they payed for Jim Jackson was perfect and matched his veteran skills. To bad we didn't have him all season.
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