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Originally Posted by Lakerfan
cook good? Oh man i guess you and Mitch agree. I mean taking cook when Howard and Leandro Barbosa are on board made sense A? Both of those players had something to do with their teams being succesful. Also Leandro torched Cook and Sissy 9Sasha) 23-0 by himself in i believe game 6. Yeah clearly a great pick.

Puppy crap (Cook) is the 2006 Sam Bowie.

Walton is a great role player. Still not better than Leabdro or Howard but Wayyyyy better than Puppy crap.

Sam Bowie was taken 2nd in the draft when Michael Jordan was still on the board. Cook was a late round draft pick a few years ago. Where in the hell did you get that Cook is the 2006 Sam Bowie remark? That makes no sense at any level.
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