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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

Originally Posted by insidehoops
Anyone interested in basketball coaching discussion, please feel free to use this thread.

If you really know basketball coaching -- the X's and O's, actual plays, offensive and defensive systems, etc. and you want to discuss it, so so here.

This thread will remain alive and be moved, perhaps to the main forum or someplace else, but as long as good stuff is put into it, it'll definitely be kept on our board, even if it gets moved to another forum once or twice.

So, dive into basketball coaching discussion!

I've been coaching middle school kids for something like 8 years. So this is something that I reall like discussing. It's very difficult without a chalkboard function. But for anyone interested, search down Da KO King's old "Ask Me About Basketball Thread". He really knows his stuff, and there's tons of good stuff in there. I posted a ton in there myself too.

No one's posted in it really since 2010, but there's still tons of good stuff in here.

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