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Default Re: Greg Popovich Agrees That NBA Champions Are Not The "World Champions"

Originally Posted by BlackWhiteGreen
Yeah.... you can't be the world champions of something that's only played in 2 countries. Yes they probably are the best club team in the world. But they haven't won a world championship. I don't like how American teams do that. MLB can though, cos no one else gives a shit about baseball.
Wrong on the baseball front. Baseball has the world baseball classic which is still in its infancy but each country brings a team in and that decides who the world champion is. Baseball isnt a World Series per se it should have been MLB or North America Series initally. Currently MLB is an international sport unlike basketball.

World wide no one gives a crap if an American basketball champion calls themselves world champions. Americans in general are xenophobes when it comes to sports and most things in general.

You definitely couldnt get away with it in Football because thats truly an international sport like baseball. Countries have been playing these sports longer than basketball, similar to American Football.
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