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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

Originally Posted by Dwyane Rose
What's an easy but effective offensive system for a middle school team? I tried teaching the triangle and I failed miserably. Maybe Princeton offense?

The flex is a relatively easy offense to teach and has a bunch of applicable fundamental elements that allow you to build practices around pieces.

And you can add elements to it as you progress. Things like a screen and roll and screen and pop sets off of that high post catch.

But the problem is that most teams at the middle school level play zone almost exclusively. I run a zone offense that's a 1/2/2 in set that relies on L cuts, flooding a side with high post flashes, screens on the zone defenders, and seam attacks.
I have a variation of it that works well against a triangle and two as well.

I also have a second zone offense that I don't use as much that's essentially a wheel.

For my man offense I usually run a simple screen down screen away series, that frankly I wish I could expand upon, but we just don't see enough man to man to warrant using my 4 hours a week of practice time working on. It's easier to teach than the Flex.

There are only a handfull of times I face every year that play predominantly man, or at least an aggressive trapping zone, and that includes myself.
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