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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

Originally Posted by Maniak
I always thought the most effective rebounding drill was one person shoots(intentionally missing) and the other person has to go in and rebound. If the ball bounces once/goes out of bounds, the whole team runs to the other end of the gym and back. You do that until a certain amount of rebounds in a row.

But rebounding is def. hard to teach people. They assume(no matter what they are told) that if they are shorter, they can't get better position and get the rebound.
Yeah, that's what I was doing but with pushups instead. It worked during the drill but by the time they got to the game they always lost that motivation. I'd threaten them with "if we give up 1 more rebound on defense you're doing blah blah blah next practice...GOT THAT?!"....which worked. But it'd start all over the next game.

The team I took over hadn't won a game in 3 years (literally 0-30) and we went 4-6 that year. I was pretty proud. But damnit I wanted .500!
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