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Originally Posted by Rake2204
Well stated. I've had a hard time finding a group I connected with like I did that first one. But it's always great to see that growth and development; to know I was able to play a part in the progression of their growth.

Meanwhile, could you elaborate on your read & react offense?


I'll try:

So the Read & React (R&R) is based on ingraining habits in the players so they become instinctive things. The idea is that the R&R is not an offense, but it is offense, putting all principles of offense together into a living, evolving thing. The best thing is that you can modify it to whatever your strengths are. I think Iowa or Iowa State women's team runs it.

You can set up 5-out, 4-out-1-in, 3-out-2-in, whatever you like really. The first layer is Pass and Cut. Every single time you make a pass to a player in a position one pass away, you must cut to the hoop and the players who are now left 2 or more passes away from the ball need to fill over to the ball. Also for Layer 1, if a player is one pass away from the ball and his/her check is above the read line (the 3 point line is the read line, we have all players set up at NBA range to really space out the floor) then he/she must cut back door. All players fill over to the ball based on same principles I explained for filling after a player passes and cuts. Layer 2 is when you pass to the post you must laker cut high or low around him/her. Posts must post up above the block in low/mid/high post. Layer 3 is Dribble-at, where if a player is dribbled at he/she must go back door. Layer 4 is Dribble Penetration. If the ballhandler goes around his/her check to the right/left then every other player must rotate, low with speed and hands up ready to catch, one spot right/left. There are many other layers involving ball screen reactions, back screens, post reactions to dribble penetration, etc. I've coached quite a few teams that have just been successful using this offense with only the first 4 or so layers. It's really incredible.

However, like any offense, if you don't buy into it, don't teach it because the players will be able to tell you don't genuinely believe in it. I do believe in it, which is a small part of the reason it works. If, after reading my garbled explanation, your interest was actually piqued, I'd suggest reading this link from coachesclipboard:

Then, if you're somehow still interested, read this link, which has really helped me change how I've been coaching the R&R Offense:
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