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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

In the under 22 team that i play when i don't have games for my team, we run 3 different offenses .. i will try to explain.


- The post players come outside the 3 point line, and i choose which side i will take advantage.
- If there's advantage for me in the pick and roll, i go to the basket or pass to the roller.
- If there isn't we got 2 options
a) - Do the triangle between me, the other post guy and the roller to get an open basket.
b) The other guy on the side that i choose (2 or 3 player) have a stagger cut for the opposite side to shoot (the roller and the other guard do that) and most of the times we got a shooter on the other side by himself.


- You all know that system, it's obvious.


1 PG, 2 guys as guards/forwards, 2 guys in the low block near the basket.

- I start the offense passing the ball to one of the guards.
- Then i give a block to the post player on the other side to cut and receive the ball at the PG spot.
- The guard who had the ball pass to that Center that now is in the PG position.
- I (PG) in the low block, receive a block from the other guard in the same side to go to his spot (i become a guard/forward) and the guy who blocked me it's now a (center, who was a guard/forward).
- The big guy who as the ball in the PG spot pass me the ball and we run a pick and roll.

Was it clear for you guys?
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