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Default Re: Rubio calls the NBA "a lot easier"

Originally Posted by Force
LOL @ it being nothing to see. He said the zone defenses are a part of it and the defensive 3 rule as well. He didn't mentioned the lack of a handcheck, but that's already beyond debate that it's easier for PG's today. I'd like to see how JJ Barea would fare in the mid 90's NBA. Probably he a towel and ball boy.

Mugsy Bogues had no trouble with the hand check . Lets just say I used basketball reference and came up with every players weight and 93.9 % of guards in the 1991 season were under 200 pounds, while only 62.3% were in in 2007. If players today could play against earlier generations such as the 90's, we know who'd win that battle...

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