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Default Re: Cleveland Browns Draft.

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
The whole defensive unit finished the season in the Top 10 in the league. And, they were forced to work from behind the 8-ball in most cases, because our anemic offense forced them to be on the field for the majority of every game.

And, we have focused on building a defense in Holmgren/Heckert's first two drafts.

Joe Haden and TJ Ward were our first two picks in 2010.

Phil Taylor and Jabaal Sheard were our first two picks in 2011.

The time has come to get real-deal playmakers on offense. I'm not saying devote the whole draft to the offensive side of the ball, but the first couple of picks should address our most pressing needs, which happen to be offensive holes (OL and WR).

Also, if they don't re-sign Hillis, they are going to need to address the RB spot, too. Hardesty surely can't carry the load.

Well I think the Top 10 finish is pretty misleading for the reasons I mentioned. I do agree that it is the best unit on the team by far and needs less attention than the O, but it's still an average D overall IMO.
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