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Default Re: Greg Popovich Agrees That NBA Champions Are Not The "World Champions"

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I never mentioned anything about the outcome being different, about the win not being legit, or not being a blowout. I have no idea what you are arguing about.

And yes, the fact that Olympiacos lost the Greek League MVP, the Euroleague MVP and basically their entire 5 best players....

Sigalas for example, was the guy that was named Greek League MVP in the same season that Dominique Wilkins played in Greece. Wilkins was in the same league, yet Sigalas was the MVP, and not Wilkins.

So yeah, believe it or not those were also very significant absences. How you could seem to imply that a team playing without 2 MVPs from the previous season would not be much of an absence is a bit strange. And again, I never said anything about it not being a legit win or whatever. You are arguing with

Who gives a crap about Greek crap. Nique came to Europe and dominated. That was his corpse.
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