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Default Re: Cleveland Browns Draft.

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
I want nothing to do with RG3. I'm so completely against taking him that a part of me hopes he stays in school, just to completely rule out the possibility.

It isn't that I feel that Colt McCoy is absolutely our QB of the future, but for me, RGIII is a tremendous risk. He is undersized and he is coming from a Baylor offense that is so gimmicky that it is hard to judge whether or not he can run a pro-style offense.

It isn't that I feel that RGIII will be an absolute bust, either. But, he is a risk and our franchise is in no position to take that kind of risk that high in a draft that we need to produce gamebreakers.

Our two biggest needs are getting playmaking WRs and the right side of the line. So, I want us to use our two first round picks on those two areas.

Justin Blackmon and the best available OLineman at 22 is my dream scenario. If Blackmon is not there, then maybe take the best available O-lineman at 4 (Martin?) and then either Jeffrey or Michael Floyd with our next pick.

Whatever we do, RGIII should not be part of the discussion, imo. Too risky... Way too risky.

Ugh, RG3 has the best gamebreaker skillset probably of anybody in the draft.
RG3 is more intelligent than anybody on your roster that matters and more dynamic too.

I feel you're wrong but I hope Cleveland is thinking like you because I want him in burgundy and gold. You were wrong about another Baylor product too that went to Cleveland- Mr. Phil Taylor. You're wrong here as well but wish you were the GM for the Browns this April
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