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Default Re: Cleveland Browns Draft.

Originally Posted by KingBeasley08
RBA, what would you prefer?
Richardson/Floyd or Blackmon/Miller
If the choice is between those two combinations? I go Blackmon/Miller. I'm almost as avidly against taking Richardson at No. 4 as I am taking RG3 with the pick. It would take a really incredible, unique RB for me to consider taking one that high. Like, an Adrian Peterson type of sure-thing superstar.

Richardson isn't that. I do think he will be a good pro, but finding RBs is relatively easy in the NFL. It is probably the easiest position to fill and the most likely position to find a diamond in the rough if you have a good offensive line.

When our line was healthy last season, Hillis -- who was a relative no-name -- made his way onto the Madden cover.

There are so many talented runners that there literally aren't enough NFL teams to contain them all. If you have a good offensive line, which we will after we address one spot and get Steinbach back next year, you can find a RB to produce behind it.

In fact, I don't really like the idea of taking Miller with our second first rounder for those same reasons. The earliest I would take a RB is late second round.

If we got Blackmon with our pick at No. 4, I'd like to see one of the following with the 22nd pick...

Zach Brown (OLB)
Cordy Glenn (G)
Michael Floyd (WR) -yep... I would take two WRs if he was still available
Courtney Upshaw (OLB)
Alshon Jeffery (WR)
Zebrie Sanders (OT)

The guy I would REALLY want if we got Blackmon at 4 would be Jonathan Martin or Riley Reiff, the two best OTs on the board after Kalil. But, it is safe to assume that they will both be gone before the 22nd pick. There seems to be a bit of a drop in talent at that position after those three are off the board.

Really, while I'd love to get Blackmon with that first pick, we might be better off if Kalil somehow fell to us at 4. Then, we could take whoever drops to us at 22 between Jeffery and Floyd.

With the second round pick, I like the idea of grabbing Chase Minnifield (CB). He is a very good prospect and it would be awesome to see one of the original dawgs' sons on the field for the Browns.
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