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Default Is Brandon Knight our point guard of the future?

What do you think of him so far?

In the games I've watched he's looked nervous. Rushing his shot, turning it over a lot and out of rhythm. I noticed a few times when he made a pass it was awkwardly pounded off the floor low to the ground because he was afraid of it getting stolen. It doesn't help that he has nobody to go to except Monroe as a consistent scorer.

He has a nice floater. He has range, but he isn't hitting his shots consistently. I'm hoping this is rookie jitters and he will come into his own as a good player.

At this point, Stuckey is probably going to help this team win more. He gets to the line, and is at the very least capable of putting up something like 15/5/5 consistently.

As for the future, what do you think? Should we hold on to Stuckey or trade him? Does Knight have the potential to be better PG than Stuckey?
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