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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

Originally Posted by skan72
Any coaches want to share their tips on how they run subs efficiently and smartly, i.e. there is always a ballhandler on the floor, defender, scorer, etc.? I don't usually do the subbing for my team, get my asst's to do so, but I've had to do it a few times and... I'm not very good at it. I know it sounds silly, but subbing seems to me to be an art form. A good sub(s) can really help, a bad sub(s) can do the opposite and cost you a game... which is what I feel cost my team the game tonight, my poor coaching decisions.

I state outright at the start of the season that we're in a competitive league, and we're going to play competitively, and there will be games in which kids won't play at all, or more usually play very limitedly. I also coach first level pop warner, and that's different at that age. I get everyone in for at least a quarter in that. But at the level I coach basketball, middle school, things really begin to seperate.
But one of the things I do do to ensure I'm getting everyone some time, is some of my worst players I'll create a specific defensive scheme around. I may run a full denial of the other teams best player. Or I may run a hectic trap where he ignores his guy completely and just chases the ball full time. Or a specific trap where if a certain guy gets it he immediately doubles him. Or if the ball goes to a specific corner he comes to double.
We're only playing 6 minute quarters, so it's hard to get anyone substantial time. But I can run that stuff for three minutes and get anyone in in a role they feel like they're contributing in. Those gimmicks need to be taught in practice though, so the whole team is aware of what we're trying to accomplish, and they're prepared to cover for the weak link when he leaves to double. Otherwise you may end up with a lot of unwanted finger pointing.
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