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your videocard & processor aint that fast enough.... but you could try run BF3 in low/med settings.... BF3 on PC looks great on any settings imo

but what i would do if i was you is to slap myself a couple of times first for buying a laptop... and then sell the laptop and buy a real PC... that would give more than enough money to build a gaming PC...

Laptop = expensive and very slow (and not really upgradeable) compared to a real PC...

for that same money you bought the HP G60 you could have bought a powerful PC to play any game today decently... you could had a rig of something like Athlon X4 processor with Nvidia 560 and 8 gb ram and 1000 gb harddrive, joystick, mouse, keyboard and a 20 inch monitor... thats about 400-500$.......... Its THAT cheap if you build your own PC that is, you buy the parts sepparately and install everything yourself

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