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Originally Posted by cuad
Laptops aren't user friendly when it comes up upgrading, so you're stuck with what you have. Your best option, next to doing something better with your time, is to put together a separate computer. If that interests you, tell us what your budget would be.

pauk is lying, by the way. It's not that inexpensive.

dunno how the prices are where you are from... but i bought my parts like this:

Athlon X4
Nvidia gtx 560
2 x 4GB ram
1000 gb sata harddrive
Asus Motherboard
Computer case

= 550$

and i play BF3/Skyrim and so on now on Maximum settings... anything else is an overkill imo...

so i mean you can get in the 400-500 range if you pick some "slower" parts and still play BF3 on high settings.. then again if you need Monitor, computer case and some other extra goodies to go along with it you will get in the 650-800$ range....

however you twist and turn it............. a PC in the same price range as a Laptop the PC will ALWAYS be more powerful..... you get much more bang for your money.... plus you can upgrade, anytime in the future if your PC is a bit to slow for a game......... and that means only replacing the CPU/Videocard.... until 5-10 years have passed when you have to change the motherboard and so on aswell for the new brand cpu/ram/whatever....

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