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Great responses. I don't know how to make my own computer, I used to be really good with computers but fell off. I know a thing or two, but building and creating one with specific parts isn't my thing, (yet). Can you guys tell me how I could improve on this? I know you can make and buy your own computer online, my friend did it a few months ago in my house but I was just unaware. I guess he was building a beast computer from $500-600. I didn't buy this laptop, I got it as a gift from my grandfather a while ago.

I can't sell it because the screen is giving some problems. Whenever I touch the screen it glitches, I wouldn't get any money for it so I'll keep it. I have the money, but I don't know what to do. Gaming on the computer seems strange, I'm used to a big ass HDTV. Other then that the mouse and keys. There is a controller right? For all of this?

Is it possible you can hook up the computer to the HDTV through HDMI and play it on the big screen?
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