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Learning to shoot layups
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Default Re: Any tips to improve my game

Originally Posted by Ai2death
I've really only be playing ball for a couple years. I'm a 5'7 spot up shooter. I'm more of an SG but often have to play PG due to my ball security and handles. After all this time I thought I'd have improved more, But It feels like I'm not getting any better. I really need to improve my awareness, court vision,lay up in traffic and my general basketball IQ.
My biggest issue is probably consistency and the fact I can't hit a 3 to save my life.
Does anyone have any tips or advice to improve any of this? Or to improve my confidence, I'm extremely hard on myself after games depending on my play.

Work on your handles. Since you're short for a basketball player(as am I, 5'8'' w/o shoes) you're most likely going to play a lot of point guard. If you have good handles, you can go anywhere on the court. Also, work on your shooting, the better a shooter you are, the more passing lanes you can create and stretch the floor.

How old are you? If you're old enough, start lifting. It will help your strength, speed, and jumping. This will help finish in traffic.

About confidence, that comes with experience. Just keep playing. Maybe less and put more time into skill work, but the more you play, the more comforable you'll become. If its a nervousness thing, just think of it like this. Do you get nervous before driving a car? If not, then you shouldn't get nervous playing a basketball game. A mistake on the court causes a turnover. A mistake while driving can cause death. Which is really more nerve wracking? I understand that's easier said then done, but its a helpful way of thinking about it.

Good luck and work hard!
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