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Default Demetrius Hudson: A Basketball Story

ey i'm not tryin ta copy mah man Lakerz_Forever(love his story) but i'ma post a story soon......

A lil bit mo detailed and maybe a bit mo interesting.... not ta diss you Lakers_forever..... but that the story.......

Demetrius Hudson is a 10 year old who loves basketball and comes from the rugged neighborhood in Orlando Florida where money, drugs and power are the only that matters but to Demetrius basketball is what matters...after his father was killed and his brother has gone to prison and his mother is crack addict there is no one Demetrius can trust except the ball and his court.... This story is about a young kid using his ability to play basketball and help get him outta the ghetto and into a college and positive atomsphere and it doesn't end there possibly the ultimate dream fo ya young kid playing basketball to make it to the NBA.....
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