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Originally Posted by Draz
Alright cool. How much have all of you guys spent on your gaming PC's. How often do you upgrade things in it, what do you upgrade in it to be specific, graphics card? Over a period of years after building it, how many more years after did it take for you to update it once again?
I built my PC over 3.5 years ago for about $1200 and so far all I've added to it was a 1GB graphics card (bought it practically brand new from a friend for $250, retail was $400), a 2TB hard drive ($80) and recently a blu-ray drive ($79) as its hooked up to my 50-inch Plasma TV.

Due to the old motherboard I can't upgrade to a brand new CPU or get DDR3 RAM, but I'm still able to play recent stuff like Deus Ex and Saints Row 3 without any problems.
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