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Originally Posted by heyhey
I just started watching the first season of Episodes

don't like Shameless tho, I find the entire cast to be unlikable. I get that they are this roguish family that gets by etc but William h macy, the not gay brother, the gay brother, rossum's character are just plain unlikable to me and not douchey in the charming way but just douchey.

I find this to be a perfectly reasonable opinion. Particularly about Macy and the Not Gay Brother, who they play off as being the smartest guy around but can't his family out of this situation and resorts to organizing petty crime. He needs to get the Good Will Hunting speech that Ben Affleck gives.

Rossum's character I still find likable, mostly because they do a good job of conveying the overwhelming-ness of the situation. But there are moments where she's a little too cool for her own good. I find her relationship with the nice guy cop a little troubling. Either play that guy into an asshole, which shouldn't be that hard with a cop, or have her show some genuine response to the guy.

Episodes was specatacular last year. One of the funniest shows on television.
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