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williams was just for this year because u had no size, no hes a free agent and hes not comin back. U waived vroman during the season so hes not on the team anymore. Butler, claxton, and williams are free agents. Fizer is also and hes not coming back. U jus signed peja so heres ur rosterand williams doesnt start over west by the way)

pg:paul, norris
sg:mason, snyder, smith, Macijauskas
sf:stojakovic, Johnson III, Vinicius
pf:west, simmons
c:brown, jackson, armstrong

i dont think that macijauskas is coming back either, and the reason u drafted 2 bigs is because marc jackson only has 1 year left and brown also, plus hes old anyway. U need to sign a pg to back up paul, but other than that i think u guys can make a run at playoffs
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