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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Originally Posted by knickscity
Franchize good post, but one question.......

How young do you want the team to be?

Half the team is under 26, and out of those, 7 players have 3 years or less NBA experience.

And we only have two players older than 30.

If anything the team is too young, and needs more vets.

Vets win rings, not the kids.

What was the last team to win it all with just about the entire roster under 30?

I'm really starting to think you skim thru my posts. I said we need balance of both.

At one point you got to start pointing fingers at the players.. I have a hard time believing D'Antoni gives the green light to Shumpert to jack up 20 contested jumpers or Amare taking deep shots

Well then you're in denial because D'Antoni's teams have always possessed that trait. Only problem is,he used to have better shooters. No rookie is going to come in the league with the audacity to hoist shots unless he has the green light. as far as amare,he was never the most responsible player and you can attribute that to the fact that Mike's been his coach most of his pro career. Mike was the one who got him to start shooting J's. Not a problem, but that's all he does now. He's become Chris Bosh. I can count on one hand how many times per game Amare gets on the block and we pound the ball in the post. Damn shame because as a rookie, before Mike, he was really good on the block. Mike D'Antoni is ruining the progression of players, especially Shumpert and Amare.
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