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Default Trade Deadline Activity?

Would like to see the Zards try an add a piece or 2 by the trade deadline. Maybe some addition by subtraction in trading someone.


PF | Paul Millsap | Utah Jazz

- Utah has some big plans for their young bigs (Favors, Kanter) and with Al Jeff doin his thang, Millsap may be the odd man out.

- Smart, Strong player who is definitely an upgrade over Blatche.


C | JaVale McGee | Washington Wizards

- Although he has the opportunity to become great, I see his trade value higher than his ceiling (for us). He is very athletic and has excellent measurables, I can see him as a valuable piece that some teams may over pay for. I would like to keep him, but the team needs some more talent/depth.

- Also, with the assumption that we'll have a high draft pick, there are plenty of talented bigs in this upcoming draft class which include Anthony Davis, Perry Jones, Andre Drummond, Jared Sullinger, etc.


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