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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

So you rather be the milwaukee bucks who hasnt been contending since maybe kareem?Raptors who hasnt been contending since they entered the league. Minnesota, sacramento, philadelphia are in the same position. Chicago with their no. 1 draft picks hasnt been contending until last year. In fact boston, the winningest franchise have 18 year drought until they decided its enough and so they gutted their team for allen and garnett. Its hard to build through draft. If lakers didnt get shaq, wilt, kareem, gasol through trades, they arent winning.

Building a team is the same as in 2k12. You build by trading proven players or signing proven free agents. But signing free agents or trading is harder to do in smaller markets because they arent as attractive as big markets, thats why they are forced to build through draft. And thats the reason why only big markets wins in this league.

This team is fine. Our problem really is that amare has lost its touch. Imagine melo without that jumper, he would be worse i believe than amare. Thats why amare is not producing right now. A jumper is important for a faceup player coz without it, he cant beat his man off the dribble. And thats what causing spacing problems to our team. 2nd problem is that our pgs are just dumb. They have brains like a robot. They dont have any sense of judgment of when to take shots and to stop. I like jorts coz he knows when to shoot. You need a high IQ pg on this system or else we would be scoring 70 pts per game. All of our loses really came when our pgs jack up 20 shots per game which kills the momentum. Douglas and shumpert are the type of players that need pgs to decide for them. But davis is a high IQ player so These problems are really fixable.
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