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Default Re: The secret to gaining VERTICAL

Originally Posted by SacJB Shady
Look guys. A little COMMON sense. Weight training can help to a certain degree with your vertical, but your not going to increase your vertical to any significant degree by doing weights alone. You think people in the gym are all of a sudden telling their workout buddies that their jumping so much higher? It's just not the case. It doesn't matter if your the strongest person in the world. It doesnt matter how fast you are training. If you do deadlifts at a high enough intensity, you are gonna eventually snap your shit up, that is guaranteed. Plyometrics are the way to go when it comes to vertical. Plyometrics and keeping your body weight down. Then you do some form of weight lifting on the side to supplement your plyometrics. It doesn't matter if your doing jumpsoles or air alert, the bottom line is nothing happens without any plyometric training. Or you can listen to Jimmy Struthers below in this video. Jimmy Struthers be saying that you can gain a foot vertical in 2 weeks lifting weights. Watch below...

You're right, traditional weight training alone wouldn't be good for vertical. However, plyometrics alone wouldn't let a person reach their genetic potential either. A combination of both is needed for optimum results. Weight training allows for more muscular power, as well as desensitizig the golgi tendon which shuts down the muscle if too much load is placed on the muscle. Look how high football players jump and how fast they run. They're all taught to lift and run/jump. While just saying lifting and jumping is oversimplified, until an athlete squats around 1.5xBW, thats all that is really needed in order to improve performance.
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