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Originally Posted by artificial
one thing: people who see the impressive highlights of iggy on espn wonder why that guy doesn't have a higher scoring average. then they remember the stereotype of iverson being a ball hog and conclude that must be the reason. doesn't sounds outrageous, but try giving it a closer look.

if that actually happened, Chris Webber wouldn't have got his 20ppg and ranked #14 in he league in FGA, nor Kyle Korver would have ranked #8 in the league in 3pt FGA. sure, its no debate Iverson shoots the ball a lot. but if you see the games, he also passes a lot. in fact there are times that it seems everyone wants iggy to shoot the ball, and yet he passes.

by no means im saying you didn't saw a game. actually, about once every 4 games iggy decides to shoot the ball and be somewhat agressive, and looks pretty good. but most of the times iggy is passive in offense despite getting his fair ammount of looks. bottomline, he simply hasn't developed a scorer's mentality.

Believe it or not jackass Iverson is not i for every minute of the game. When Salmons came in the ball was distributed more, and other players could score. Iverson does run up the court and take a quick jumper most of the time. If Iguodala gets in on the perimeter, he wont shoot because his jumper isn't developed. But 9 out of 10 times he will drive to the hoop. Watching 1 or 2 games does not make you a genius.
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