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Originally Posted by AKADS
Which would be your choice to start a the 3 next year.

I still believe if the Magic can get Brewer he will fit perfect. Help to handle the ball and help create shots for Nelson/Arroyo.

Also If you choose Daniels or JR who are you willing to give up.

PS I would love to see the Magic make a run at Eddie Jone in the '07 FA. for the right price I think he would help with veteran leadership and he still has a good 15 - 25 minutes a night in him.

Or Go after him this summer

Eddie Jones


Grant Hill
2nd Rounder

Still get your Cap room and you sould resign Jones after spending your cap room.

IMO Grant Hill should not be traded (it would be hard to trade him anyway). When he retires he will probably get a front office job.
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