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Default Re: Euroleague Officially Adds 8 Games To The Season And Friday Game Days

Originally Posted by Euroleague
Let's see...CSKA was "unbeatable" in 2005 and 2007.......Panathinaikos was "unbeatable" in 2008 and 2010.........Barca was "unbeatable" in 2011.......

all of them failed to win the championship.

Sure, CSKA might be the favorite, but to say there is no way they can't win the title, even this year and next year, is ridiculous. CSKA has had more dominant teams than this one, that didn't even win the title.

That one year they won something like 50 games in a row in all their competitions and didn't end up winning the Euroleague title............

There is no way that you can claim that CSKA is guaranteed a Euroleague title.
No one is unbeatable and anyone can win in one game but I m saying that I dont see a team that can beat CSKA in top 8 . In F4 CSKA could lose because they allow their opponents to shoot for 3pt too much ( my oppinion ) . I think this season CSKA will win because a lot of great players there never won Euroleague title ( Krstic , Teodosic ... ) and they will try harder to win it this season than lets say Phanatinaikos were their best players won Euroleague and are getting older . And you didnt mention Barcelona in 2009 , they were the best and they won , and I dont remember that people were saying that Barcelona in 2010 is unbeatable , they were third in there group .
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