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Default Re: Bynum and Jarret Jack for Westbrook

Originally Posted by KeylessEntry
thanks. it looks like ill go 7-2 most weeks loosing ft% and turnovers. a little bit weak on assists and blocks too. so far i lead the league in fg%, pts, rbs. and stls

its a keeper league too and the keepers dont count against your draft position. now i just have to decide between howard, westbrook, rondo, gay, iggy for my 2 keepers...
Howard and Westbrook, its not even a question. Howard is gonna end up with probably an elite PG at his back by next season while Westbrook is already an elite young PG who will be even better next year. Rondo will never have Russel's offensive game, gay is injury prone and a hit or miss kinda guy. Iggy is a solid guy but no way in the same caliber.
Finally everything aside you will be keeping two first round picks, so next year you could end up with LBJ/Durant/Kobe/CP3 or any other elite first pick
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