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Default Re: Demetrius Hudson: A Basketball Story


Demetrius walked out of the courthouse wondering who would be at the courts. As he continued to walk to his house he thought of his brother and his feelings suddenly changed. He did feel sad about what happened to Jarrell. He turned to his Avenue to find his friend dribbling the ball around his younger brother. "You can't touch me Dontrell!" said Jerome as he raced around him putting on moves. Dontrell stopped chasing Jerome and yelled as he saw Demetrius " D, what up?!" As he kept approaching them he began to smile "What Up Y'll?" he said. His Ave. was always busy most times during the night. In the day though everyone's bass was up to the new hits, kids outside playin ball and the older people sittin out on the stoops. "Anyone at the courts today 'Rome?" Demetrius asked. "Nah, just some of the old heads tryin ta kick out the young n1ggas." Jerome answered. "You forgot that Tyrell was their tryin ta run everythin." Dontrell cut in. "Yea, I hate that punk but everyone think he so good." said Jerome. In a rushed way Demetrius said "Yea, Yea y'll goin to the courts tonight? I'ma go eat I'll catch up wit y'll later." "Yea" they both responded. Demetrius walked away thinking of supper, but he had somethin else on his mind the condition of his mother.

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