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Default Re: Game Thread and Discussion for the AFC and NFC Championship Game

The fact that Bradshaw didn't play the first game, and Gore basically didn't (6 carries, 0 yards before leaving early w/ an injury), and now they will play close to being 100% healthy could make this game totally different from the first time around.

Not going to lie, for some reason, I would have rather had my niners go to GB. Rhythm offenses are unstoppable when they're on point, but tough defenses always seem to be able to knock them off their game just enough to beat them. The Giants, on the other hand, are much more versatile, and their swagger is on a million right now. I'm sure Cruz remembers Carlos salsa dancin' on him last time around.

Eli needs to be in the huddle in the 4th screaming to his lineman, where the F&*K is 99???!?!

Damn, can't wait.
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