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I am very happy for the Raptors, getting the 1st pick can never be a bad thing, no matter the year or circumstance.

Yeah because the Clippers sure made out well with Olowokandi and Washington are still over the moon at getting Kwame.

Getting the number one pick in a weak draft is tough. Basically the player you take is not good enough to be a "#1 Pick" but he is anyway and when it happens they often crumble under the pressure, especially for a team like Toronto where a whole city is riding you. Aldridge certainly makes the most sense but I dont really see him playing center all that much, he just feels like a PF, but I guess thats because I base what he is more on his HS play than college. But this is certainly a draft that you are better off down a bit where the player is only expected to be a nice role player because thats about all you are getting outside of Rudy, LaMarcus and Adam and even those guys are not sure things.
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