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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Melo did not eat all our cap space. Look around, with the exception of Dallas, all the top teams have 2 guys being paid like stars. Dallas, only had one star and won a ring but they still were among the highest in salary.

We were headed in the right direction until we blew our load on Tyson Chandler. Say what you want about Melo trade but we gave up Chandler (who's in China and was struggling right before the trade), Gallo (who had JUST started playing well but struggled most of that year and got benched, Mozgov (who was a project and was rarely utilized with D'Antoni) and Felton (who's a solid pg but I'd take Chauncey Billups over him).

So,for the record, as a Knick fan, I should blame Melo and ignore the following? Right?:

1.We're spending 15 mil on a decent center
2.Josh Harrelson, who probably would have gone undrafted it it werent for us, has been our most productive bench player.
3.We let Mike D'Antoni convince us that Anthony Randolph and Corey Brewer were total bums and could be let go for nothing.
4.We resigned Jared Jeffries. Now most of his supporters say "he's good for 2 defensive plays a game" (right Knickscity?) They also say he's good to play 10 minutes each game. Last time I checked, there are more than 2 possessions in a 10 minute stretch. He's a bum and he doesn't contribute. Mike Antoni led people to believe this foolishness that he can guard all 5 positions. Yes f-in right Sorry. Tired of pussyfooting around the obvious.He sucks.
5.We've had the same mediocre coach in here underachieving for years.
6. Our already mediocre starting pg actually found a way to get worse during the lockout.
7. Our rookie, who shows glimpses of impressive playmaking ability, is constantly being reminded that he's just a fill in until our injury prone 33 year old pg, who's never played for the Knicks or with any of our players, comes back from a major back injury.
8.We signed Mike Bibby and Jeremy Lin. Sad part is, Bibby might still be better than Douglas.
9.We have no backup center yet Jerome Jordan has yet to play more than 10 minutes in a game.
10. Are other star player is in a slump because our coach and pg have yet to put him in position to where he thrives best.
11. We still have no defensive philosophy. When we win, it's off of pure effort. Our switchingand weak side defense HAS to be the most disgusting display of a defensive scheme I've ever seen on a professional level. I mean it is absolutely atrocious how fundamentally flawed we are on defense.

With that said, should I still continue to blame the Melo trade for the reason why our team is where it is?
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