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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Franchize the Knicks got no one before Chandler. Amare didnt want to play Center so they signed Chandler. I wouldnt have signed him for that money but it is what it is.

Trading David Lee for nothing and trading 3 starters and a potential starter for Melo in Fantasy Basketball isnt a bad trade. The problem is you had nothing to replace them with. Not getting anything in return for Lee and gutting your team for Melo doesnt make basketball sense.

Boston had Rondo Perkins Pierce Davis (I think) gutted the team of athletic youth for Garnett and Allen. They still had a starting 5 and built from there.

Buying a core and gutting the roster puts a team at a significant disadvantage.

Franchize you are upset that they couldnt find players to fill the roster to your liking but if you wanted cap space they had a bunch of 1 year rentals and a gutted team is my problem.

Had Zeke did the same thing we would have reemed him! But because Walsh did it he gets a pass. Not in my book.

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