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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Had Zeke did the same thing we would have reemed him! But because Walsh did it he gets a pass. Not in my book.
Timeout! Who's giving Walsh a pass? Me? I do believe I started a thread to support him being fired wiht D'Antoni. I was the 1st person to say ppl made Zeke into a villian when he brought in just as much talent as any other GM we've had in the last decade. Probably more. In fact, he was probably more responsible for Melo and Amare than anyone.

I wouldnt have signed him for that money but it is what it is.
What do you mean "it is what it is." How can you cry about money to spend then? We still had money when the roster was Melo,Amare and "a gutted roster." We could have amnestied Billups if need be and used the cap space on multiple solid players, not just one and a bunch of scrubs.Two players at the max doesn't kill your team financially. 3 players getting top dollar does, especially when the 3rd isn't a top player.

Franchize the Knicks got no one before Chandler. Amare didnt want to play Center so they signed Chandler...Franchize you are upset that they couldnt find players to fill the roster to your liking

We didn't even TRY to get players. THAT is my problem! We didn't just bring in Novak and Lin as a last resort. We signed them off of waivers. We got Harrelson in the draft. Chandler was signed EARLY in an already short offseason.The FO tanked 2 seasons and signed 3 big names and looked at the fans like tadaaaaaaa. It doesn't take a talented GM to do what they did. Those guys WANTED to be in NY regardless. You think Chandler needed convincing to come here? He went to the highest bidder with the biggest market. We didn't comb the market for talent. We just threw money at names. Harrelson had a good NCAA tournament...let's draft him. Someone says Jeffries can guard all 5 positions....let's re-sign him. Tyson Chandler won a ring...let's outbid everyone for him. This team is historicaly notorious for overpaying guys for small sample sets of success. Tyson Chandler, before last season, was NEVER considered a dominant center. Then all of a sudden, he gets a ring and he can "change the culture" of teams defensively.

Until we get fresh faces in our Front Office and our Coaching Staff, who have a knack for finding and developing quality talent, we are doomed. When Rich Cho and Chris Mullin and Kevin Pritchard and guys like that were looking for jobs, we didn't even look their way. When Monty Williams and Mark Jackson were trying to become head coaches, we didn't give them a shot. Sam Mitchell is looking for a job still, think he'll get an interview? No We'll go chase Phil Jackson or some other big name who'll be gone in 2 years.All we do is hire familiar guys and guys from within. Problem is, we haven't been a good team for a while. Therefore, we're just continuing a cycle of a failing culture.

Boston had Rondo Perkins Pierce Davis (I think) gutted the team of athletic youth for Garnett and Allen. They still had a starting 5 and built from there

You must have forgot how bad the Celtics were until they made that trade. They were absolutely terrible.Rondo was a scrub.The ONLY reason he wasn't sent off to Minnesota instead of Telfair is because of Telfair's off the court gun charge situation. Doc Rivers himself said that in an interview. Furthermore, Doc Rivers and Tom Thibadeau are WAY better coaches than Mike Antoni and Mike Woodson.

Not getting anything in return for Lee and gutting your team for Melo doesnt make basketball sense.
1st of all, we didnt JUST get Melo back. Chauncey Billups isn't exactly a throw in player.I think our season would be going better if we kept Chauncey and got an affordable, decent starting center. Chauncey has done way more "changing of culture" than Chandler has. I would have loved to see him and Shumpert work. They had already started working together in the offseason. I agree about not getting anything for Lee though. He was at the peek of his popularity and we got back guys that we never used. Azabuike was a lemon, we never used Randolph and Turiaf was good but his health kept him off the floor.
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