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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

Originally Posted by Rameek
Unfortunately this is a load of BS.

I cant remember the last team outside of the Lakers (considering they traded for Kobe) that hasnt drafted its core and added FA's around them through trades and signings.

The Knicks has not benefited from the lean years because they have traded away picks and players for more players.

The Knicks since the Layden era has tried to buy entertainment as opposed to building the team the right way.

The Knicks is UTTER FAIL in this regard.

I agree that the Melo trade wasnt good. I was against it as well. Unfortunately, most people didnt have a problem gutting a team to acquire him but it just didnt make sense basketball wise trying to field a team IMHO. No draft picks and now no salary cap space.

Coz the hardest part to acquire in this league are your stars. And business wise, its the right move. If the team aint winning, people would still watch the product because there is a star. Thats why dolan immediately increased ticket prices after acquiring him. And if this team wont succeed, then we still have next year to acquire more pieces until we can contend.
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