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Default Re: Andray Blatche anyone?

Andray Blatche isn't going to save this team. It's not smart to make a trade right now. There aren't any superstars that want to come to the Pistons. We need to face that reality. Dwight Howard isn't going to make Detroit one of his destinations. We aren't going to sign Deron Williams or even KG for that matter in the offseason.

We need to lose as many games as possible. Let our young guys get some experience. Right now we're projected to be in the top 3 teams in the draft. That is how we can turn things around. We have Monroe who is a stud. We have Knight who seems like he's going be a solid PG in this league. Then of course we have our other young pieces like Jerebko, Daye, and Stuckey. Imagine being able to draft a guy like Harrison Barnes, Andre Drummond, Anthony Davis, or Perry Jones. All of those guys are already better than Blatche. That will help turn this team around in a hurry. Then we can trade Charlie finally (of course there would need to be others involved) but we could get some value in return there too. And by the way, it really looks like Jerebko is more of a PF than a SF in this league. I think he'd be great coming off the bench but he's not the guy we want guarding people like Bosh and Amare on a nightly basis. As smart fans we have to sit back, enjoy the season, and lose as much as possible and not worry about it this season. With another good draft pick we'll be back in the thick of things again.
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