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Default Re: Evaluating the Knicks

First of all. You don't give away SOLID role players for a star franchise player just to get rid of him shortly after. Stupidest shit ever. We need players to build around. Amare is more injury prone, he has the coldest streaks. I'm not saying trade Amare. That's way to over the top drastic. I'm saying build around them, it's obviously not working out with these players as role players, get new ones fresh feat and players that want to win something not come because they got the best deal in example Bibby.

If we look at Miami, each and every single one of those players on there want that ring. They went there for it. Players didn't come here for the ring, they came here for the salary. Correct me if I'm wrong, anyone. I see people complaining about Amare. I don't know wtf is wrong with him, he just makes the stupidest choices in the world. He runs to the baseline and turns the ball over, I seen it what almost 3 times? Probably twice a game. He likes getting technical's. I enjoy seeing him play at his best, but when he's playing at his worst, it's hard.

We need players that can score individually. Before we had Gallo, who can score also not from deep alone but was adapting to driving the ball and rebounding. We had Chandler who did a good job putting up points sometime even 20+ point games. We had Felton who would have 10 points and rack up on assists, make smart plays, was a AVERAGE player and did the job. What are we doing wrong now? Well the team probably feels like only 1-2 people can score individually, what about the rest of the team?

We need players like KMART, JR Smith, players that can go off and do their role even go out of their way.

Do anything to get players that CAN score, because in the end you just have more scorers on the floor and can stretch, could rotate, could take stress off players. We also had Sean Williams I forgot to mention a big part of our leads and coming back. Guy was hitting his corner 3's and that's what were missing, not resigning him may have been a huge problem. He was solid defending to we seen this on him defending LeBron.

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